The main employment laws to consider in the UK

Most people get into businesses or build brands to become very successful employers hoping all will always be okay. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Being an employer is complicated, issues arise at work and from time to time you will need legal advice and support. At Solicitors Lancashire you can get legal aid, legal representation, training and assistance with employment, HR or Insurance issues tailored to help enterprises or an individual.

Expert solicitors in Lancashire are well experienced in all areas of employment law dealing with anything as a simple matter arising from the workplace to the most complex Tribunal Court cases. The solicitors promise your peace of mind as you go through the complex claims and much easier experiences. The type of employment law services include:

Tribunal representation: Even when one is sure they did not commit any employment injustice and that the claims against you have no merit, going through Tribunal courts can be an intimidating experience, to say the least. The proceedings can go for a day to months. Having a great legal team walk with you can prevent any surprises coming your way. Solicitors Lancashire act on your behalf read through the evidence and volumes of documentation as you run your business. You are assured of having the most experienced lawyers take up your case. Although the Tribunal was meant for easy settlement of employment-related issues; the changes in work scenes today has brought complexities that need proper and better grasp of the employment laws today.

Employment Law Training: Whether it is how to deal with sickness issues, redundancy or even dismissal of employees, Solicitors Lancashire can offer in-house tailored courses at your premise or venue of choice or can invite you over for the employment law training sessions. The course includes areas of performance management, handling disciplinary issues, handling equality and diversity in the workplace, fair dismissal and any further employment law issue one may need clarity on.

Employment Legal Support: For a single fixed amount annually; you can have access to Solicitors Lancashire legal support any time any day. You will not only have legal advice at the other end of the phone but get visits and meet-ups by the solicitors so that they understand your unique business brand. That does not mean a onetime legal support is not offered. Legal support is equally available to clients who may need it just once, who wish to pay just when they need it or at the retainer fee. Do not wait until a claim is issued before contacting Solicitors Lancashire.

Human Resources HR Support: For your peace of mind, you can, for a fixed yearly cost let Solicitors Lancashire help you deal with HR issues at your workplace. The services include; reviewing and updating of employment documents, work contracts, and workbooks, have unlimited phone and physical legal advice, in-house HR training on employment, outsource HR functions on settling employment-related disputes among other HR employment law related issues.


In addition to the above, Solicitors Lancashire will help prepare compliance policies and procedures tailored to your business because as long as you have employees you have to lay out up to date policies and procedures for the smooth running of your company.